Apr 15, 2014

Views of the FoA students on the Independeance Day

Source: WeekEnd Sunlights, March 2014

Agricultural Society - Event on AgriEntrepreneurship

Students of the Faculty of Agriculture (March 2014)
UoM : l’Agricultural Society vulgarise l’entrepreneuriat Agricultural Society a organisé une Agricultural Entrepreneurship Fair mercredi 26 mars. L’activité avait pour but de familiariser le public à l’entrepreneuriat en rapport à l’agriculture. Parmi les exposants : JKN Mawooa Food, Neeraj Foods, Ambigar Spices, et Nilavedi Patricia de Pats Cakes. Les spécialistes ont partagé leur expertise et savoir-faire aux visiteurs. Bruno Carta, expert en physico-chimie et consultant en sciences environnementales, a animé une conférence sur les effets du compostage et de l’avancée de ses recherches. Deux autres présentations ont été délivrées par les chargés de cours Shane Hardowar et Dimple Seewgobin. L’Agricultural Society est présidée par Keshwar Lobin, etudiant a la Faculte D'Agriculture.
Bruno Carta, expert en physico-chimie et consultant en sciences environnementales

Source: Le Defimedia, 8 Avril 2014.

Apr 9, 2014

CTA Book on Stories of Change - Alumnus Ms N. Hosenally Story

Ms. Nawsheen Hosenally is an Alumni of the University of Mauritius. Her story will surely unravel inspirations and motivations for our students. Lately, her story was published in stories of change published by CTA. Her blog posts can be seen at Nawsheen World. She is currently employed by CTA, in Netherlands on a full time basis.

"She is a change agent who is passionate about Agriculture, youth leadership and ICT for Development (ICT4D). She holds a BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Extension from the FAculty of Agriculture, and is presently working as ICT4D intern at CTA. She has more than 2 years of professional and volunteering experience in the area of Youth and Agriculture and has previously worked with organisations and networks like YPARD, FANRPAN, PAEPARD and AIESEC. Nawsheen has a particular interest in social media and Web 2.0 for Development. She is a trained Social Reporter and the 1st prize winner of the Youth in Agriculture Blog competition (YoBloCo Awards) organized by CTA in 2012." Extracted from YPARD website.

Apr 3, 2014

One-day Symposium, and Launching of Books, on Global Environmental Change

The Faculty of Agriculture, in collaboration with the International Council for Science Regional Office for Africa (ICSU ROA) and The Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA) is organising a one-day Global Environmental Change Symposium, to be held on the 7th April 2014 in R. Burrenchobay Lecture Theatre, University of Mauritius.

This event will also include the launching of three books :

  • Africa in a Changing Global Environment - Perspectives of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies in Africa.
  • Natural and Human-Induced Hazards and Disasters in Africa.
  • Future Directions of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Africa.

The books are a result of a successful partnership between the three institutions. 

Mar 24, 2014




Today the 24th March 2014, the Faculty of Agriculture turns 100. It was a School of Agriculture from 1914 to 1925 of the Department of Agriculture of the colonial Governement, then as a College of Agriculture from 1925 to 1968. When it joined the University of Mauritius, its appellation was changed to School of Agriculture, until 1993 when it was renamed Faculty of Agriculture. 

In the 100 years since it was established, we are proud to have delivered teaching and research to a wide range of people of our Republic, including Rodrigues and to some countries in the region. 

There has been many achievements and success from the many wonderful people who have studied at Faculty. We fully recognise the achievements of our alumni community and the changes an education at the Faculty has brought to their life. 

In this context, the Faculty will organise a wealth of events and activities to mark this important milestone in our history and to reflect on its contribution to the economic development of the Republic of Mauritius.

1.    Tree planting in Reduit
2.    Open day at the farm
3.    Poster competition
4.    Archives for the Faculty of Agriculture
5.    Production of a Souvenir magazine
6.    A 2-day national conference
7.    Talks on topical issues
8.    Exhibitions by different agricultural and food institutions
 9.    Film Show on the Faculty
10.  Dinner/Gala show
11.   Special Commemorative cover by Mauritius Post
12.    Tombola


This is an event for alumni, current students, our Faculty community, and individuals with an interest in agricultural and allied subjects education. The Faculty’s Centenary will provide a perfect opportunity to our diverse alumni community to celebrate 100 years. 

Whether you were a past or current student, a staff member or someone who used the walking tracks around the Faculty – whatever your involvement with the Faculty was, you will be contacted to hear about your story, to share photos, books and other relevant materials via our special Faculty centenary webpage (to be announced shortly).
We thank you for your support to the Centenary Celebrations a success and an enriching experience.

                 Help us to spread the word and walk the talk about Faculty of Agriculture Centenary Celebrations
More information will be posted soon.