Aug 8, 2010

Attirer plus de jeunes vers l’agriculture

To the young graduates and freshers, this is an interesting article. Attirer plus de jeunes vers l’agriculture
Any views.


Medha Devi Moti said...

The concept of cooperatives seems viable.
Will the project also cover Rodrigues?
What about specific programmes in entrepreneurship and incentives for young graduates?

Roshan said...

These are vital questions that should be addressed. I have always said that there should be special incubators for young graduates in agriculture like those that have been created in the ICT sector.

At the FOA, as far as I know there are a series of business related modules which should help the students to gain those entrepreneur skills. But how to we make them real entrepreneur is another pair de manche.

Rodrigues is a special case. There are very few young Rodriguan graduates in agriculture. Will they go back to agriculture is not sure? What ever works out for the MAuritain graduates may have to be replicated in Rodrigues

But my other key question how do we inculcate this change of mind in our graduates?

Keep discussing