Dean's Message

Welcome at the Faculty of Agriculture, a Faculty that I am proud to lead and serve. The Faculty has currently a community of more than 300 students on their path to life-long fulfillment guided by about 18 faculty members who has expertise in a wide range of disciplines related to agriculture, horticulture, food science and technology and biotechnology. 

They are supported by devoted technical and administrative staff. Our students are provided with up-to-date training and new research opportunities to develop them into scholars, mentors and responsible citizens to further the agricultural development of Mauritius. The graduates of the Faculty are qualified to work in many different areas such as: agricultural production, integrated pest management, animal production, agribusiness, food processing, natural resources management, biotechnology, as well as nutrition. 
Since its existence as College of Agriculture, you will be pleased to know that a number of graduates hold key positions in local, regional and international of our agricultural institutions. Many of them are also working in the agribusiness, in farming or agro-industry and others are involved in higher education and research.
It is a continuing challenge to produce high calibre graduates to meet the changing needs of the agricultural sector of the millennium. The Faculty continuously upgrades its programmes to meet the changing needs of our country.
The role of the Faculty is not only limited to teaching, but also to the enhancement of research, technology transfer and better serving the community at large by contributing to economic and social development of the country. A number of significant research and development projects in supporting the agricultural sector have been carried out for which a significant number of scientific papers and technical reports have been published. In addition many academics serve as advisors or committee members on many local and regional agencies.
Dean of Faculty