Alumni e-Book for the FoA 100 years Celebrations

Dear  Valued Alumni  
The Faculty of Agriculture turns 100 in March 2014.
A 100th anniversary is a historic landmark in the life of an institution. A centenary is not an event which happens everyday. But in the case of agricultural education in Mauritius,  our track record is such that the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius has deemed it fit to commemorate this event, to pay a special tribute to our pioneers, scientists, lecturers, technicians,, non technical staff and our ALUMNI.  The Faculty is thus organising a series of activities to mark this event, and of them is to publish an  E-visitor/Alumni handbook whereby you can retrace history, share your experiences and vision  for the Faculty. This repository of posts will help to recall our good and bad memories down the Faculty corridors, perpetuate the memory of such an important date in our agricultural education landscape, reflect on our past, present and future of the Faculty.

The Faculty of Agriculture heartily invites you to post your comments, wishes, feelings, suggestions on this page by clicking the post comment link below.

Thank You Very Much


Anonymous said...

Proud to have been part of FOA :)

Unknown said...

Hi all,

I was a Student of the Faculty from 2000-2003 enrolled for the programme Horticulture with Specialisation in plant Biotechnology. As every student, once degree in hand, I wanted to work in the Mauritius Agricultural Biotechnology Institute which was announced in year 2000 but which never took shape. But nevertheless, I did obtain a job at AREU which is now FAREI.

Anonymous said...

This is a laudable initiative indeed. I graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture (FoA) and thereafter I proceeded to Canada for further studies and where I even had the opportunity to work as a Research Associate. I owe my performance in Canada to the experience and maturity I gathered at the FoA. Then I came back to Mauritius where I served in the public sector for nearly 15 years before joining an international organisation. I wish to express my sincere thanks to the staffs (teaching and non-teaching - as it was a great team to work with during my days)at FoA. With the growing concern of Food Security in the region and the world, I believe FoA will have its contribution in addressing food security issues especially on the african continent. Thank you again to FoA.

Ramjaun Abdool Farhaz said...

I have been part of the FOA from 2006 to 2009 and graduated in Agricultural Biotechnology. It was a great experience both academically and socially.

Kalayevaani Ghoorbin said...

I was a student at the faculty of agriculture, enrolled in Bsc (Hons) Horticulture with Specialization in Plant Biotechnology with effect from
August 2000 to 2003. It is indeed a fruitful experience and real pleasure to be part of this faculty. A sense of pride also since I am still here, currently working as technician at the Crop Production laboratory.

Yash said...

I form part of the cohort 1985-1988. I am excited that the FoA is celebrating its centenary. I am thankful to and proud of the learning /training experience I received at the FoA (then School of Agriculture). I especially cherish the spirit of "friendship", sharing and caring that prevailed in my group.
This has obviously shaped how I think and how things unfolded for me till now.
Thinking beyond the 100 years, I think that FoA still has a crucial role in preparing women and men to face the challenges of agricultural development and food security in this part of the world. Congtatulations to all fellow alumni.

Island Girl said...

This is a wonderful initiative by the FOA. I feel very proud to have been part of this faculty.
The FOA might be the 'smallest' faculty based on the number of students and staff but it is definitely one of the strongest area of the University of Mauritius.
I enrolled in 2008 and graduated in 2011 with a BSc in food science and technology. The best decision of my life I would say. I wasn't really sure what i wanted to do career wise after secondary school, but in FOA I found my place and my passion.
In these 100 years of its existence, I believe that FOA has played a huge role not ony in the lives of those who have studied there but in the lives of all Mauritians even if they don't realise it.
Looking forward to more updates from the FOA on the activities organised for the centenary :)

Parmananda Ragen said...

Thats great and am proud to have my diploma and first degree at the Faculty and its really wonderful that we will be celebrating its 100 years of existence.

I am mostly thankful to the faculty for everything I shared during my studies there and am looking forward to assist in any particular event that might be carried out to celebrate the 100 years.

Kamlesh, I think its worth mentioning that we have been in the same cohort on 1982 and that 20 years later you were one of my lecturers.


Unknown said...


After losing one year doing LLB, I realised that I was missing science and I decided to enroll myself on a science degree. I was so doubtful still but glad that matters got cleared soon, and then I embarked myself on a cool journey, which I do not regret. I have been part of FoA during my degree in Food Science and Technology from 2008 until 2011. I cherish many special moments at the faculty namely the world food day celebrations whereby my friends and I were actively involved in food distribution among other activities. I remember all the good times we had in our lectures, learning was very much fun!!! FoA reminds me of the farm, the lab, the practicals, microbiology, the yard, the building itself, the lecturers who never change over years. Proud to have been part of this faculty, since it allowed me to be a degree holder and to have my tertiary education. You know the quote "short but sweet"?? For me, FoA, is "small and sweet". It is the coolest faculty of the university and during my BSc days, I felt that really, I was in a small family. I really miss FoA now that I am in another faculty following my masters degree! FoA has contributed a lot over the years for the progress of the country and I wish happy anniversary to the faculty. Best Regards to all lecturers with whom I have worked with namely Mrs. Esha, Mrs. Daya, Mrs. Santchurn, Dr. Ruggoo, Mr. Boodhoo, Mr. Hardowar, Mr. Boodia and others. Long live to FoA and Cheers,

Aniissah Ibrahim said...

I joined the faculty as a student of BSc (Hons) Agriscience and Technology in 2004. Since then if I am not mistaken the course has been run on a regular basis. These three years were the most memorable years of my life. Time flew quickly and I did not realize how fast I was developing a new culture to adapt myself to this ever changing and competitive environment.
The journey at the faculty was full of ups and down; but the never ending support of the academic and non-academic staff helped me to outshine myself. Even today the wordings of some of my lecturers still echoes in my mind. One of my favourite comes from Mrs M.F. Driver during a class of Agricultural Production System module “Aspiring a job in the agricultural sector is indeed difficult as competition is tough. To be in the shade you have to be among the best.”
This quote has helped me to move through different steps in my professional career. I trust that FoA will continue to equip young agricultural professionals as long as the team is a dedicated one.

Long Live FoA

Anonymous said...

Among your activities, I hope that you will include a tribute to Prof. Jugdish Manrakhan, whom I admired not only for his academic Performance and as the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, but also as a person who had excellent relations with all who have known him.As a Student at the FoA (1976-1980), I treasure the years I spent at University as the best years of my life.

Unknown said...

Hi, I am Jeewanraj Mohes. I graduated from FOA in 2011 for the course BSc(Hons) Agriculture (Spp: Agricultural Extension). The three years i spent in FOA were numinous. I learnt lots of new things and I think I will be using most of these things for life. As for now, I am working at Blychem Ltd as a sales representative. I love what I'm doing here at Blychem, so I don't really consider it as a job :)
I'm really proud of having been part of the Faculty Of Agriculture. Great Work Mr Boodhoo :) keep rocking.. Cheerrss!!

Noveena R. said...

Noveena Ramgoolam – BSc (Hons) Food Science& Technology – 2008
– MSc Total Quality Management & Performance Excellence – 2011
Now working as Quality Assurance Executive at Sopral Limited
The three years spent at the Faculty of Agriculture were the most fascinating, academically challenging and also the most enjoyable years of my educational path. The degree was an exciting area that applied a blend of basic sciences with Food microbiology, Biochemistry, Statistics and Engineering along the food chain with an exposure to Agricultural Management, Agro-Industrial development, Food processing and preservation. In addition to a strong knowledge of Food Science and Technology, the assessments throughout the course enhanced my communication and presentation skills enabling me to effectively communicate at all levels within and outside my current organization.
The academic and non-academic staffs of the Faculty were extremely accessible and open-minded. Some lecturers constantly exceeded my expectations and never failed to impress me with their enthusiasm for the modules which were clear in their teachings and sharing. I seize this opportunity to express my gratitude to all my lecturers.
Furthermore, the 3 friends I made at FOA are still my best and will continue to be strong bonds. It was an experience full of fun, adventure, satisfaction with sometimes little disappointment but which formed part of our growth. Some of my most memorable moments during these 3 years would be:
1. Orientation Day in Burrenchobay Lecture Theatre
2. First internship in a food industry with my best friends
3. World Food Day organized by academics and students in Oct 2007
4. Working on my Project Work with Mrs. Aumjaud
5. The Graduation Ceremony with the University of Mauritius Postgraduate Scholarship; the Independence Gold Medal and the Shri Motillall Jugessur Gold Medal
Many Congratulations to all members of this Faculty who have contributed in crafting careers in Agricultural and Food sciences during these 100 years. Feeling proud to have been part of FOA
Looking forward to participate in the events and activities of the centenary
Long Live FOA

Roshina Soobdhan said...

I was at FOA from 2008-2011, as a student for the programme Food Science & Technology. My degree helped me to a great extent in my career. I heartily thank all my lecturers for their guidance ~& support. I wish FOA a very happy anniversary. All the best to FOA!

Roshina Soobdhan said...

I was at FOA from 2008-2011, as a student for the programme Food Science & Technology. My degree helped me to a great extent in my career. It was the best years I had in my life. I heartily thank all my lecturers for their guidance ~& support. I wish FOA a very happy anniversary. All the best to FOA!

Seewonlall Seeruttun said...

Seewonlall Seeruttun (1970-1974), second batch of "University". The Faculty was then known as the School of Agriculture, the Farm was the heart of the School, hands-on was the motto in the field and labs. We had fantastic lecturers who knew their sectors from experience and not books or the Internet. The Students Union was created with its different societies (including the Photographic Society). The Students Union managed to have fees removed around 1973(before that of secondary schools in 1976), which was Rs75 per month but remember that a Clerical Officer was getting around Rs160 salary per month and a graduate scale job Rs840 per month. I'll be getting back with some photographs of those glorious days.

The challenge for agriculture is great, but the enormous opportunities also, with the most probable disappearance of the sugar market in EU as from 2017 with its new Common Agriculture Policy. Is the Faculty geared to produce the right talent for taking up this challenge and opportunity?

My best wishes to the institution which has contributed to what I am.

Sanaa Nubheebucus said...

Hi all,

I was a student of FOA from 2008-2011, enrolled for the programme Bsc (Hons) Food Science and Technology. I always aspired a career in the food sector, and it was a dream to work in the FAIL group. This dream turned into reality, thanks to the knowledge, skills gathered during the 3 years at FOA. Am now working in the quality dept at LMLC,member of FAIL.I wish to express my heartfelt thanks & gratitude to all the staff (teaching & non-teaching). Feel really proud to have been part of the faculty and these 3 years will always remain memorable.
Long live FOA

Anonymous said...

Hi, I joined the School of Agriculture in September 1974 to study the Didloma in Agriculture and Sugar Technology. I came out in May 1977  and joined the Ministry of Agriculture on the 3rd of January 1978 as Technical officer.
I resumed my studies in September 2001 to read the Degree in Agriculture with food science on a part time basis over 2 years. I was a tough experience as I had to reconcile work, family life and commitment with my children. However I managed to get the degree at nearly 50 of age. The academic staff was very helpful.
Long life FOA

Clement Evariste

Anonymous said...

I I was at the University between years 1976-1980. I did a Diploma in Agriculture & Sugar Technology. During that period , I was sick, doctors could not  put a finger on what was the real diagnosis, and all the Lecturers and classmates helped me in my training. These were the best years of my life when I knew what real friendship and solidarity meant. I really enjoyed every moment I spent with friends.
Again I followed a part time Diploma course in Information and Library Studies (1991-1993). I also enjoyed the course, but as a fully matured adult, I viewed it from a different perspective.
Anyway, in spite of all my health problems, I was able to complete my studies and the years I spent at the University will long be cherished as happy periods of my life.

Warm thoughts,

Anonymous said...

I was enrolled for the course of BSc Hons Horticulture (1997-2001) and graduated in the year 2001.

I would like to seize this opportunity to wish the Faculty another 100 yrs of academic growth and prosperity in the Field of AgroIndustry.

Houshna Naujeer
Scientific Officer (Conservation)
National Parks and Conservation Service

Anonymous said...

I Devendra Nath Busgeeth wish to inform you that I successfully followed a course leading to a BSc Honours in Sugar Technology at the faculty of Agriculture during period 1979 to 1982. Presently I am working at the Control and Arbitration Department and occupy the post of Manager Cane Payment.


Anonymous said...

I am Vadivel Moothy actually working as Team-Leader Agricultural Operations of the Sugar Investment Trust.
I studied for a Diploma in Agriculture and Sugar Technology from 1977 to 1980.

Anonymous said...

I congratulate the Faculty for taking the initiative to celebrate 100 YEARS FOA. I was a student at the FOA for a Diploma in Agriculture, Fisheries and Natural Resources from 1983 to my graduation in 1986.
I am presently working as Senior Technical Officer in the Fisheries Planning and Licencing Division of the Ministry of Fisheries.
Ministry of Fisheries

Anonymous said...

I was initially enrolled for a diploma in agricultural science and technology in 1995 and  was awarded a BSc (hons) in Agriculture in 1999. After completing a masters in food technology at the university of Reading in 2000, i joined the ministry of Agro-industry in 2001.  I have in parallel, done my PhD from 2002 to 2011 on a part-time basis at the FOA.
Best regards
Dr Shalini A. Neeliah (Mrs)
Senior Scientific Officer
Dairy Chemistry Division
Food Technology Laboratory

Anonymous said...

I am pleased by the initiatives taken by you for the century celebration of the Faculty.

Program of studies: Diploma in Agriculture & Sugar Technology. Year of studies : 1973 - 1976

Mosahed Mooslim

Anonymous said...

I joined the FOA in 1971 for a Diploma in Agriculture & Sugar Tech and graduated in 1974. I then pursued for an additional year for a BSc (Hons) in Agriculture for which I graduated in 1975.
Looking forward to seeing you
Best regards
Jean Noel Humbert

Anonymous said...

I studied a BsC (Hons) in Agriculture with spp in Aquaculture and graduated in the year 2009.

I am presently working in the Monitoring Control and Surveillance division at the Fisheries Monitoring Centre of AFRC.

Divambal Lutchmanen

Anonymous said...

I was a student of the faculty from 2005 to 2008. I must admit those were the most wonderful years of my life. I wish to thank the faculty as a whole for giving me the best experiences in life whether academically or non-academically and made me who i am. Its only in this faculty that students grow as a family and am proud to be part of it

K.Boodhoo said...

Hello Alumni

I graduated in 1986. We were the first batch (9 students) of BSc (Hons) Agriculture students, after the degree was temporarily stopped in 1980 following the student unrest of 1979. The degree course was relaunched in 1983.

I regard it a privilege to be able to give something back to the University where I first graduated and which provided my start in professional life.

As an academic staff, it is a wonderful experience in supporting students of the next generation in their studies, which in turn will benefit Mauritius.

We have lots of fond memories of our study years. One of our friends was Jean Claude Pierre Louis, the first Rodriguan to study for a degree course. He now holds key position in Rodrigues.

It was a time when there were very few students and we had the liberty of enjoying the full campus which we know on the tips of our fingers.

We played football unhesitatingly with the Dean, Prof S.Boojedhur, Volleyball with Mr Mundil and other admin staff. But our team leader and key player, in almost all sport events, Mr Norbert Serret is no longer with us.He died in a car accident 3-4 years after he graduated.

The library was our home, where space was never a limiting factor.

Will relate more in my next post.