Alumni and Partners Corner

Dear Alumni and Partners

It is my pleasure to announce that the Faculty has created a blog to keep you all posted on the developments happening at the Faculty and to interact with you. This blog provides you an opportunity to play a part in shaping agricultural education  and future of our graduates.We consider your participation vital and meaningful in further building the Faculty capacity to educate and research and ensuring excellence at the FoA which are two of the most powerful engines of positive change.

I therefore invite you to participate in the blog posts and discussion, whatever the size of your contribution, it will be meaningful to all of us.

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Thank you in advance for your active participation.

Dean FOA


K.Boodhoo said...

Hello ALL

I enrolled for the Diploma in Agriculture in 1982 but I shifted to the Degree course when it was offered in 1983. I have therefore spent 4 years at the Faculty.

Glad to see Dean's effort to make the Faculty more visible.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I studied at the FOA from 1997 to 2001. At that time we barely had all these facilities. I am glad that the students will now have the opportunity by visiting the website to be exposed to valuable information relevant to the agricultural world and interact with the professionals of this sector, broaden their knowledge and become our entrepreneurs of tomorrow .


Jason Sharma Purmanund.

K.Boodhoo said...

Hello Jason

I am so pleased to hear from you. Yes you are right things have changed. There are now more possibilities to make teaching and learning interesting.

The students can't complain about any dearth of information. The onus is on them to capture the relevant notes and become a good self learner. I could not agree more with you that we do need entrepreneurs to keep the agriculture sector moving

I shall be grateful if we could have a small resume of your career so that we can post on the blog.

The idea is to encourage the students to realise that agriculture do offers good prospects.

Please pass on to other as well. Keep the flame of this blog burning.


roshand said...

hi all,

it is a very good initiative to have such a tool to make the faculty more visible.

good luck and best wishes