Aug 5, 2010

Guest of Honour- Ms Medha Moti - Introduction by Dean

Medha Devi Moti is a graduate of the University of St. Andrews where she read for a degree in English Language and Literature. She also holds a post-graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Oxford. It was thanks to a State of Mauritius scholarship, or what was then known as the English scholarship, that she pursued her studies abroad

On coming back to Mauritius, she joined the Ministry of Education as Education Officer .She taught English, French, Latin and General Knowledge in State Secondary schools before being posted at Ministry Headquarters. There she worked in practically all divisions from pre-primary to secondary, and retired as Chief Technical Officer after 35 years’ service. After retirement, she has maintained her interest in education and participated in consultancy and evaluation exercises for the Association for the Development of Education in Africa, Unicef, the Mauritius Institute of Education., the Ministry of Education and the World Bank

Ms. Moti comes from a modest family long committed to empowering people, particularly women, through education. The national goal of having a graduate in every family is one which she finds particularly motivating, since she knows, from experience, that it does indeed make a difference. She is therefore very happy to talk to young people as they are about to step into university.


Anonymous said...

Quelle belle parcours!
It must have been tough for her to find her way in such a male dominated world at that time??

Anonymous said...

I recently got back in touch with Med Moti - who I last saw in 1964 when we were in the same program at Oxford. I am much impressed by her accomplishments and look forward to meeting her again in October, 2011 when I'll arrive in Mauritius with the University of Virginia's Semester at Sea program.
Briavel Holcomb. Rutgers University New Jersey, USA