Aug 5, 2010

Orientation Day- Dean's Opening Speech

In his opening address, The Dean of the Faculty gave a warm welcome to all the new students. He reminded them that even the Faculty is the smallest one on campus it has an important role to play in agricultural education. He stressed that we live like a family here and we will try to provide them with all the resources to succeed. He gave also an overview of the structure of the FOA.He encouraged students to comb through the campus website as the main source of information and advised them to become familiar with course rules and campus processes.
One of the highlights of his speech is that he mentioned that you are here to search for knowledge and not to be spoon fed. He euphorically said you will have to search for your own the 'food'. And last but not least, knowledge is created to be shared and urged the students to learn how to share knowledge with peers. He also thanked the FAIL group and Nestle  for sponsoring the event by providing snacks and healthy drinks.

Finally, he informed the students that  he has opened this blog for the Faculty to encourage the students to post suggestions or recommendations they may have to improve the teaching and learning environment at the Faculty.

In summing up his speech, he wished all the students the very best for the studies at the University.

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Great speech