Aug 27, 2010


Discussion Theme I - An assessment of the quality of the FOA graduates

There will 3 discussion themes:
  • Theme 1 An assessment of the quality of the FOA graduates.
  • Theme 2 Training Needs Requirements
  • Theme 3 Curriculum Development

Each theme will have an objective and a set of questions to guide you in your thinking and responses. At the end of each debate on each theme, the moderators will sum up the discussion and post it on the blog.Please could you kindly invite your friends and peers to participate on this discussion forum.

Theme 1 Quality of Graduates

Objective:To assess the level of satisfaction of graduates in the agricultural and food sectors How useful has the course been in the delivery of your job tasks?

Questions * REPLY by Clicking on the COMMENTS BOX

  • What is your level of satisfaction with the programme of studies?
  • What are the additional skills that you would expect them to have?
  • What improvements would you suggest in the training provided at the Faculty of Agriculture?

With my anticipated thanks for your frank and genuine comments.


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