Sep 9, 2010

Faculty of Agriculture elected as Vice Chair on ANAFE, SA - RAFT

This is to inform you that Assoc. Prof.  Driver has been elected as Vice-Chair of the SA-RAFT committee. Dr Munthali from Botswana is the chairperson.

The University of Pretoria (UP) was selected to be the African Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry & Natural Resources Education (ANAFE) Focal Institute (FI) for the Southern Africa Regional Agricultural Forum for Training (SA-RAFT).
ANAFE is expecting that we contribute much more to the activities of ANAFE and of the region. The new committee has already identified a number of activities. Will keep you updated.



Navish said...

congratulations to Assoc. Professor Driver. Great honour for the Faculty and the University..

Anjalee_S said...

My heartfully Congratulation goes to Assoc.Professor Driver.I wish her all the best!!
From Anjali and friends