Sep 2, 2010

Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network

Since 2004, The Faculty of Agriculture is the local node coordinator for Food Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) in Mauritius.

FANRPAN organised its Regional Food Security Policy Dialogue in Namibia from 30 August-3 September 2010, where over 200 policymakers, agricultural product dealers, scientists and non-governmental organisations from across Africa and the world will gather to address African priorities on food security and climate change and its impacts on agricultural development, natural resource management and rural livelihoods. 
2 academic staff Mr Shane Hurdowar, the local node coordinator  and Mr. B. Rajkomar, together with Mr. Tonta, from the MSIRI and chairperson of the local node committee attended the workshop. This year theme was on Livestock & Fisheries Policies for Food Security and Trade in a Changing Climate. Read more.

The presentations can be acceded on FANRPAN news 

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