Sep 20, 2010

Latest notification of the online magazine, New Agriculturist

We are pleased to send you the latest notification of the online magazine, New Agriculturist ( Free to access, New Agriculturist is a unique and highly trusted resource which keeps online readers abreast of trends, results and innovations in agricultural development, particularly in Africa, but also in Asia and Latin America. There is also a link on the blog to the website

We trust that this valuable resource will be of interest to your students and colleagues. Students can follow us on twitter and facebook if they use these social networking tools or choose to receive email updates (see attached for the latest one sent out in September) by clicking on

We do hope that you will be able to help us raise awareness of New Agriculturist in your Faculty. In return, we would be pleased to send you a CD resource version of New Agriculturist, which contains all of the articles on the website up to May 2010 for your library or other designated resource person. And if you know of any other faculties that might be interested (i.e. veterinary science, etc), then please do let us know.

We hope that this might be the start of a fruitful partnership with you and your institution. For instance, we would be pleased to hear of any way that we might be able to support you in promoting New Agriculturist. And we hope that we can encourage you and your communication staff to keep us updated of any innovative developments that we share with our readers, either as news or feature articles.

We look forward very much to hearing from you and to developing this partnership.

With all good wishes
Olivia Schwier,
New Agriculturist co-ordinator


Nawsheen said...

I had ordered a CD from the New Agriculturist from its website (which I got to know through this blog) and received it by post today.

Concerning raising awareness of New Agriculturist, at the level of the Agricultural Society, we have shared the link with the students on our group on facebook.

jivin said...

thank you very much

K.Boodhoo said...

Tres bien. I can sense that the students are starting to exploit the potential of the blog. It gives focused information to help you all in your studies.

This is a very good example of how this interaction and sharing of info with students is beneficial. For example, Nawsheen managed to get the agriculturist CD which contains a wealth of articles on agriculture. Well Done.

Your constructive criticism and comments are valued so keep interacting with us and encourage others to do so.

Make the blog popular!!!!!!!!

Thank You

Tenusha said...

Thank you. It is indeed nice to be able to share ideas and hear what others think about it!

Tenusha said...

Thank you. It is indeed nice to be able to get access to these information and also share ideas.

Nawsheen said...

I guess it's we who should thank the faculty for creating this blog to share information and also giving us the opportunity to interact.
Yes, we'll continue to encourage others to contribute as well.

ibra1411 said...

that is a good idea for not only agriculture student but also for that of science

jivin said...

hello.thanks a lot.. i received my new agriculturist cd today:)
Just by going through it quickly, i realised that it will be really helpful to me.. so thanks a lot to the team of new agriculturist:))

K.Boodhoo said...

I am happy you find this magazine useful. Indeed it contains a lot of pragmatic aspects of agriculture which you don't learn in class. There are plenty of ideas and articles in it. So start reading them. And let us know of any useful ones which we can discuss on this blog.