Sep 9, 2010

Peepli - A film on The Plight of Indian Farmers

 Dear All

This is a film that all of us in the agricultural sector should watch.
I recommend it to all, especially the students, to get a feel of how our agricultural  families have a arduous life under difficult circumstances. A valuable plus for your programme of study.

The Agricultural Society could organise a viewing of the film after its  release in Mauritius and I am sure  you will come back satisfied and in deep thought. Review

It’s a short and simple movie without any glamour and makes strong comment on the grave problem of farmer suicide in India. The misery of the agricultural class who constitute the largest section of the society has been laid bare naked in a humorous way. The upsetting story of a poor farmer who dies digging a hole for a living is so intense that it leaves you thinking. The climax of the movie shows the ever widening urban rural divide of the country.
Neha Agarwal


Navish said...

this is a very good idea. i am sure the movie will allow students to reflect a lot on the issue. we will do the necessary to project the movie.. thanks

Nawsheen said...

I agree with Navish, we'll do our best to project the movie..

Sakiina said...

I am sure that this film will help us one way or the other in our study and I'm looking forward to watch it.

ibra1411 said...

That's a great idea for the newer generation.