Oct 13, 2010

Faculty of Agriculture: World Food Day 2010 at the SSR Botanic Garden

I was at the FOA stand today (13.10.10) to coordinate the last minute decorations and display of stands. However, I have derived much pleasure and pride to meet with some of our Alumni who are now working for different agricultural institutions. They were actively involved in preparing their respective stands. I
have not had time to talk with them but I will do so tomorrow. I was also explaining to a group of students that one day they may also be on the side of the fence and they should not  forget that their seed of success is sowed at the FOA, where they are currently being trained. The FoA plays and will continue to play a central role in training future manpower in the agricultural and food sectors.

Our Final year Food Science students ( See Photo below) did a marvellous job again in passing a few messages through their sketch. Bravo!!!

And we also managed to show the video which was mounted by some students of the Extension programme. A big thanks to the Minister and his staff for making this possible, albeit we have gone over the time limit.

I would encourage all of our students to make an effort to visit the various stands where there are a wealth of knowledge and information that are waiting to be captured. All the facets of the Mauritian agriculture are present from small agricultural entrepreneurs to the big one. This is a big learning opportunity, and do ask questions when you visits those stands.

So far we have maintained our visibility and credibility. Keep it up.


jivin said...

thank you very much sir, for making it possible to display the video during the ceremony. and i also believe that there are lots and lots and lots of knowledge to be gained from the World Food Day 2010 at the SSR botanical garden.

Nawsheen said...

All the stands are very interesting, and as you said, it's very important to ask questions in order to learn more! :)

Nadia said...

It was an enriching experience. There was loads to discover. I really appreciated the effort everyone put in to share most of what they could during the world food day.