Nov 12, 2010

Seminar on Turfgrass Management by Prof E. Guertal at the Faculty

Contributor Navin Boodia
The Faculty is organising a seminar on Turfgrass Management (see advert below). It will be delivered by Prof E. Guertal. All are invited.

Golf courses are often more than a recreational outlet for local golfers.  In many regions, including Mauritius, golf courses are part of a tourism package, with golf marketed as part of a ‘resort experience’.  These golf courses must be of high quality, providing uniform fairways and putting greens with consistent ball roll and playability.  To achieve this high quality golf course turfgrasses often receive inputs of fertilizer on a frequent basis.   However, this application of fertilizers could pose environmental hazards, and whether real or perceived, the environmental impact of golf courses on the surrounding environment is a topic of much discussion.  This seminar will discuss the fate of applied N fertilizer in the turfgrass ecosystem, and will detail gains and losses of N in the system.  Current and past research that studies the fate of N in turfgrass systems will be discussed, including N flux from leaching and volatilization.   

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