Mar 27, 2011

Promoting innovation in agribusiness­ in Mauritius

 News on Sunday met Sachin Kulkarni and Deepak Yardi on their farm at Piton du Milieu. The Mauritian adventure of these Indian investors behind Aadicon started in May 2006 when the enterprise was set up with the aim of producing quality biotechnological products and provide consultancy in the area of agro-biotechnology, organic farming and its certification.
The company promotes and encourages the organic farming concept and has started extensive research, development and production of bio-fertilizers and bio-control agents in Mauritius and India both for local sales and export. It also produces high quality bovine semen, a must for ensuring high breed cattle, so vital for the dairy and meat industry. It has taken the project almost four years to set up. Various organisations such as AREU, Ministry of Agro-Industry and the BOI have provided their assistance.

The team is backed by renowned Indian scientists, microbiologists and agrotechnology experts. The company has set up its farm on more than 50 acres of land and has so far invested over Rs 150m. Aadicon is also willing to assist local farmers to adopt new farming technology and to try organic farming for export. In that context it has signed a MoU with the Control Union Certification Agency of the Netherlands to issue Organic Certification in Mauritius. A technical team from Control Union will visit farms in Mauritius before giving any certification. Aadicon will counsel local farmers on how to increase crop yield. Its biofertilizers are certified organic products, and its extensive research has shown encouraging results, for example as much as 35% higher yield compared to traditional chemical fertilizing. The company is committed to promoting renewable fertilizers and thus fits into the Maurice Ile Durable concept.

The enterprise has successfully introduced new crops such as cashew nuts and tuberose flower (rajnigandha) from India. It is currently engaged in the cultivation of organic bananas for export. Aadicon investors claim Mauritius is an excellent location to invest and they are very comfortable with the local business climate. The company is in constant expansion with further investment planned.
Aadicon Biotechnologies firmly believes agriculture has a green future in Mauritius. It is working in close collaboration with local authorities to promote this sector. 
Article reprinted from News on Sunday 27.03.2011

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