Mar 8, 2011

Training in WEB 2.O tools in Ghana - One of our students is following the training

One of our students is following the training in Ghana. Read more below.
The purpose of the "Agriculture, Rural Development and Youth in the Information Society" (ARDYIS) project is to raise youth awareness and improve their capacity on agricultural and rural development issues in ACP countries through ICTs.

In this context a five-day meeting in Ghana – 3 days for an advanced training on web 2.0 for development and 2 days devoted to exchange about challenges of youth in ARD using ICT is being held. Apart from raising capacity of participants, that meeting will support youth networking and will contribute to activity design and implementation.

The Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) is organizing, in partnership with the Institute for Scientific and Technological Information (CSIR – INSTI) of Ghana, the Youth Exchange and Training Workshop on Web 2.0 for Agricultural and Rural Development. This workshop which is organized in the framework of the ARDYIS (Agriculture, Rural Development and Youth in the Information Society) project, aims to train selected best participants of the ARDYIS essay contest organized in 2010 in advanced web 2.0 tools and to support networking among youth involved in the project.

One of our students in the BSc (Hons) Agriculture with spp Ag Extension, Ms Nawsheen Hosunally has been selected by CTA to attend the meeting. 
The selection was based on the submission of an essay which was assessed prior to receiving a CTA sponsorship. We congratulate her for being among the best candidates selected and this lso reflects positively on our Faculty.
The training agenda covers an introduction on web 2.0 for development, RSS tools, collaborating remotely using wikis and Google Docs, producing content on Wikipedia, online mapping and advanced social networking tools. For the exchange meeting, discussions will be articulated via interactive sessions, with presentations of experiences of youth involved in the project and presentations by resourceful experts.


K.Boodhoo said...

Congratulations Nawsheen. We will compare notes when you are back.
Enjoy the training. Hope you are following us on the Moodle platform as well.

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