Apr 16, 2011

Beef Cattle Imports from Kenya

Did you know that Mauritius import beef cattle from Kenya?

Indeed, Kenya has established livestock trade with Mauritius with 3,000 cattle exported to the country at the week end. The herd, a first of three batches to be transported to the country this year, is from Global Livestock Ranch in Taru in Taita Taveta County.

Livestock Development assistant minister Adan Duale flagged off the consignment."This is expected to improve trade ties between the two countries. We hope this is going to continue as we need to do business in order to improve our relations," said Duale.
Duale said farmers who are member s of the Livestock Traders and Marketing Society are the major beneficiaries of the Sh75 million that is expected from the sale of the cattle. The official said the animals were reared in the traditional disease free zones of Taita ranches, Taita Taveta and others in Kwale district. The animals the country is exporting to Mauritius are sourced from ranches and according to authorities; the export permit does not allow the exporter to source animals elsewhere in the country despite the fact that there may be plenty of animals meeting the required fat content. The animals were fattened at the ranch and each animal weighs an average of 450kg.

"Exports of livestock took a break owing to increased cases of piracy along the Indian Ocean. We have negotiated for a bigger vessel which has arrived and we are now loading," he said. The herd, exported through the Hereford Express, is expected to take between seven to ten days at sea before it docks at Port Louis in Mauritius."This is the first time this year that animals are being exported overseas. Also loaded is 20 tonnes of animal feed, which will be used to feed the livestock as the ship sails to Mauritius.

There are other two batches that will be transported later this year," said Mwalimu Mbewe, the operations manager of Kida Freight Forwarders that is in charge of the consignment.
Mauritius' Socavia Bellevue Ltd ordered 9,000 cattle from Kenya at a total cost of Sh225 million. Duale and Mbewe said the exportation had been delayed for some time due to the heightened piracy activities off the Somali Coast. "That is why we had to order a bigger ship to transport the animals to Mauritius," they said.

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