Aug 4, 2011

Student Union Speeches

Let me first on behalf of the students' Union welcome you to UOM and in particular to the Faculty of Agriculture.

No doubt, you are here with a lot dreams aspirations and great expectations. We, at the Students' Union do our best to enable you to fulfill your dreams and fully live your expectations. While, the excellent team of academics will shape you as future leaders and train you to think in a logical and critical manner, we at the Students' Union will take care of the rest.
The Students' Union, contrary to what many students think, does not exist to fight against the university. Instead what we do is collaborate with the university to resolve issues that affect the student.
Our role can be categorized as follows: entertainment, extra-curricular activities as well as academic responsibilities.
Talking of academic responsibility of the students' Union and in particular of the Faculty of Agriculture let me tell you about some of our achievements; we have made sure in collaboration the deans' office that as many up-to-date books as possible are available in the library, we have also organized math Olympiad competition during the Agricultural week, an event that had a resounding success.
Next, in the extra-curricular activities, we regularly organize job fairs, to keep you informed of the latest developments and needs of the Job market. Our agricultural clubs and societies are actively involved in activities such as organization of seminars that help in the personality development of students.
We are also aware that our students need some entertainment following the hard work that they do regularly. In this respect, we organize at regular intervals dance parties, faculty-wise outings, shows such as multicultural show and so on.
As you can see we are actively involved in many activities that have their ultimate goal the welfare of the student force. I will therefore make an appeal to you to come and join us so that together we can do many more wonderful things for the student community.
I wish you all a fruitful and successful stay at the University.

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