Feb 7, 2012


Mrs Esha Aumjaud with some key staff of the CFTRI caption
Mrs Esha Aumjaud, academic staff in the Food Science and Technology unit of the Agricultural and Food Science was at the at the CFTRI in Mysore, India under the TEC/UGC 5th Agreement. She was attached at the Sensory Science Department, CFTRI in December 2011. In a presentation on her scientific visit, she explained how her research experience at this institute has been enriching, productive, enjoyable and memorable. She has shown us a few of the latest equipment that are currently being used in this area of study. She had the opportunity to attend the 5th International Conference on Fermented Foods: Health Status and Social Well-being, organised by SASNET (South Asian Swedish Network on Fermented Foods) in collaboration with AFSTI and CFTRI, on 15th and 16th December 2011. Last but not least she entertained the audience on the cultural aspects of this magnificent MYSORE city. She may be contacted for fruther details.

State of Art - Library at the Institute

Staff at the Institute

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