Jun 23, 2012


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
New FAOSTAT Platform
The leading statistical database on food and agriculture 

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has launched the new FAOSTAT platform as part of the Organization’s mission to increase access to food security and agricultural data http://faostat.fao.org.

New features include a data browsing option, which allows users to query and view data by domain and country through interactive maps, tables, and charts, and an improved search function.

Users can also now compare data from different countries for selected time periods and perform complex statistical analysis thanks to a new analytical tool.

“The improved interface and new features on the site will make it easier for users across the globe to utilize FAO data for research, policy, and advocacy work,” says Statistics Division Director Pietro Gennari. “It will be a new way of interacting with FAO data.”

The site, which is available in English, French and Spanish, continues to provide free access to data from 245 countries and territories. Users are now able to download, manipulate and reuse data compiled by FAO in a more user-friendly way.

We welcome your feedback on the new pilot platform at FAOSTAT@fao.org.
FAO Statistics Division
. Rome, 16 MAY 2012

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