Jun 17, 2012

Research Africa

 At the SARIMA workshop last week, the overseas delegates gave an overview of a database that tracks external funds for the African Continent. It is called Research Africa.

Research Africa is the only publication to comprehensively track research policy across Africa’s capital cities and universities, providing detailed coverage of research-related issues. Compiled by an experienced editorial staff in Cape Town, South Africa, Research Africa is published online with a thorough, weekly digest of research policy news from all over the continent.Research Africa offers comprehensive, global coverage of news about science, technology and innovation policies, and the use of research to provide solutions to Africa’s development needs. It is also the definitive source of information about sponsors of African science and development research funding programmes, and brings you details of all their calls for applications for funding.

Research Africa exists to inform senior researchers, research managers, administrators and everyone interested in the science and innovation research strategy of their institution, their country, and the international agencies.

Africa is very different from the other areas we report on, as the majority of funding here comes from outside the continent. As a result we have extended our editorial remit to cover smaller sponsors who provide funding for grassroots organisations undertaking development activities that are not necessarily directly related to academia or innovation. In this respect, Research Africa has a much wider scope of funding opportunities that are relevant to our readers.

Check out the website above.

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