Jul 11, 2012

Agricultural Innovation Systems and Family Farming - An FAO E-mail Conference June, 2012

The e-mail conference is now finished and it was a truly inspiring and enthusiastic exchange of experiences, ideas and case studies by people worldwide. Nearly 600 people subscribed and 114 people (20% of the total) from nearly 50 different countries wrote at least one message. Almost 80% of the 242 messages came from people living in developing countries, the most active being India, Cameroon, Italy, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Zambia, Brazil, Sri lanka, Switzerland and the United States of America respectively. Roughly 25% of messages came from people working in research institutes; 20% in universities; 17% in NGOs; 16% from Government ministries or bodies; 9% from the private sector; 6% from FAO and 6% from independent consultants, farmers or development agencies.In response to a couple of requests, we have now put all of the messages from this FAO e-mail conference into a single PDF and made it available on the web.

The file contains in chronological order - the first 3 messages I sent before the conference began (one of which contained the Background Document), - the 242 messages sent by participants - the final message I sent closing the conference, providing also a brief summary about participation. It is available from FAO or can be directly downloaded here. All messages are available on the searchable website of the message archives  where the messages posted in: - May 2012June 2012 and July 2012  are available.

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John Ruane, PhD
E-conference on agricultural innovation systems and family farming,
FAO Research and Extension Branch,
E-mail address: AIS@fao.org
E-conference website: http://www.fao.org/oek/research-extension-systems/ais-ff/econf/en/

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