Sep 12, 2012

Organic Farming - Myth or Reality

Is organic agriculture, which does not seek output maximisation, able to feed a growing world population, or will it always remain a fine but small niche? Can smallholders in the South achieve stable incomes by converting to organic production? Or is it possibly even grossly negligent to entice them to join the markets – doubtlessly expanding – for organic food as they may never actually be able to enter them due to the high quality standards and entry costs? What is the status of organic farming of Mauritius? Are we fully engaged in OF?

While there are no simple answers to these questions, reading the articles below would be very instructive.
  1. Organic agriculture in developing countries: Status quo and challenges
  2. Organic agriculture and food security – not a contradiction
  3. Changing agriculture in a changing climate
  4. Standards and certification: means, not ends
  5. A viable alternative?
  6. In Brief: sources of information
  7. Linking smallholders to organic supply chains: what is needed?
  8. Farming with a conscience
  9. Paving the way for Serbia’s organic agriculture towards the EU
  10. Challenges and opportunities for organic research and extension

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