Oct 3, 2012

Why genetically engineered food is dangerous: New report by genetic engineers

Earth Open Source press release 17 June 2012
Aren’t critics of genetically engineered food anti-science? Isn’t the debate over GMOs (genetically modified organisms) a spat between emotional but ignorant activists on one hand and rational GM-supporting scientists on the other?
A new report released today, “GMO Myths and Truths”,[1] challenges these claims. The report presents a large body of peer-reviewed scientific and other authoritative evidence of the hazards to health and the environment posed by genetically engineered crops and organisms (GMOs). And the debate continues for ever while we most of us must have has a taste of some GMOs in what ever form.

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Aniissah said...

How to feed this ever increasing population if it's not through GM crops? The challenge is bigger than ever; foodcrops for food, feed or biofuel? It will always be the one who is willing to pay the higher price who will win.