Apr 1, 2013

Devastating Rains - LET US ALL HELP - An Appeal by the VC

On Saturday 30 March 2013, devastating rains, of an intensity never reported before, swept  across the island, especially in the Capital City, Port -Louis causing deaths and widespread destruction, overturning cars, flooding many homes and shops. One of the regions near Port Louis is completely under mud and lots of debris. Our VC Prof HCSRughooputh of the University of Mauritius (see message below) has made an appeal for the University to join hands to help the people who have been severely affected by this catastrophe.

Dear ALL
I am sure that we cannot remain silent and passive to those of our compatriots who are experiencing hard times since yesterday. Many families have lost their smiles and others are in urgent need of help. We can and we must assist our own people who are in such miserable situations. (I understand that some staff and students are already helping out on site). Our Prime Minister has declared tomorrow a public holiday (a "Jour de deuil") and as such the University will be closed. We shall have a collecting booth placed near the UoM canteen on Tuesday for the collection of canned food, bottled water, clothing materiaIs, books and other items of primary importance that we shall subsequently distribute to those in distress and to the needy.

I am requesting volunteers to help UoM in this endeavour. I rely on your cooperation.   Let us all mourn for all those who have lost their lives and simultaneosly express our grief and sorrow to their close ones.

Vice Chancellor 

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