Jul 25, 2013

Social Media in Higher Education Summit

Social Media in Higher Education Summit 
29th – 30th August  2013
                          Focus Rooms, Sunninghill, Johannesburg, RSA
Good day, 

Are you up to speed with the latest academic social media technology trends in your institution?

Amabhubesi would like to invite you to its Social Media in Higher Education Summit (SMHES 2013) which will expose you to a new digital platform and innovative ways of harnessing social media technology to create better learning and development processes within universities. Get informed about how student can utilize social media platforms such as web 3.0, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to improve teacher learning process.

SMHES 2013 will explore how social media can be used very effectively in higher education; from sharing lectures and facilitating discussion to support students by strengthening a formidable campus community as well as improving the institution’s corporate brand. The summit is also designed to bring together expertise and provide education institutions with user friendly tools to advance their social media presence and build successful relationship with key audiences.

Key Highlights
·         Explore the challenges of social media And technology adaption
·         Convergences of informal learning into formal learning using social media platforms to bridge the existing gaps
·         Expert Google presentation by Brett St. Clair
·         Using social media as a tool to engage Stakeholders and shape the Strategy of a University
·         Virtue worlds, Social Media and Emerging Technologies.
·         Explore Strategies for effective Branding.

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