Sep 2, 2013

Food Security Policy Dialogue - FANRPAN 2013

Lesotho hosts 2013 FANRPAN policy dialogue 2 – 5 September
Boosting food security in a changing climate, securing environmental protection, promoting the role of women and youths and the search for development challenges confronting Africa will be the focus for this year’s Food Agriculture Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) dialogue meeting.
FANRPAN is  hosting its 2013 Annual High-level Food and Nutrition Security Multi-Stakeholder Policy Dialogue at the Lesotho Sun in Maseru, Lesotho from the 2nd to the 5th of September. In this context, the Dean of the Faculty, Prof Y. Fakim Jauferally and Mr Shane Hurdowar has attended this policy dialogue.

The agenda for this year is designed to generate robust debate and share ideas, technologies and solutions that can be turned into positive actions to climate smart agriculture (CSA).
CSA is about increasing food crop yields sustainably, increasing the resilience of food production systems, reducing emission of greenhouse gases, and enhancing achievement of national food security and development goals.

The dialogue will have an action-oriented agenda for tackling global climate change and its impacts on agriculture. The agenda includes panel sessions, keynote addresses, climate smart agriculture leader insights, women and youth in agriculture policy development, value chains and a variety of networking opportunities, including a book launch, cultural evening and awards ceremony.

More than 200 delegates (from Africa and beyond) will grapple with the need to dramatically ramp up agricultural production to feed a world that will tip the scales at more than 9 billion people by the middle of the century, a task severely complicated by global climate change.

By the end of the conference, the delegates are expected to sketch a policy roadmap that will assist governments in support CSA.

Highlights of the dialogue will include parallel sessions on Post-harvest Loss Management Project Launch (FAO & SDC), Strengthening Evidence-Based Climate Change Adaptation Policies: Project Review ( IDRC), Household Vulnerability: Planning Meeting (FFC & IDRC), Women and Youth in Agriculture Policy Development, Value Chains and the CAADP Agenda (USAID) and Trans-boundary River Basins (Limpopo, Nile & Volta) Reflection Session (CPWF) among others topics.

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