Oct 29, 2013

Veterinary Hospital in Mauritius - 2015

Mauritius will establish a veterinary hospital by 2015, with a structure at the cutting edge of medicine to care for the animals of the island which until then were supported in three centres in Rose-Hill, Union-Park and Calodyne for only basic care. The new veterinary hospital will offer a range ophthalmic and orthopedic care and surgery for diseased animals affected by all kinds of diseases deemed "severe", with affordable medical charges for some 100,000 owners of animals on the island. Initially, hospital will welcome pets whose health status must require significant processing and then the structure will then receive more large animals, such as horses or oxen. The veterinary hospital project built in the Plains-Wilhems region over an area between 1.200 m2 and 1.500 m2 and initiated by the Ministry of agro-industry will cost about 60 million rupees (1.5 million euros). An Indian expert, Dr. Amarjit Singh Nanda, advise the Mauritian authorities during a field visit from 20 to 26 last October and meet with members of the Committee officials who are working on the operational implementation this hospital project for animals on the island.

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