Nov 19, 2013

Online survey on career aspirations of final year students

To  final year students of the Faculty of Agriculture. 

The HRDC is implementing the above project in collaboration with UOM.


The main objective of the survey will be to ‘assess the career aspirations of final year students’.

The findings of the survey would be used as basis to invite selected and relevant industry resource persons to:

§  interface with students and present them real career perspectives and requirements from different industrial spheres,

§  clarify any misconceptions that they may have in terms of career aspirations, requirement, expectations, rewards, among others

 The ultimate aim of such an initiative would be to contribute towards improving the career awareness and employability of university graduates, through evidence-based career talks by industry representatives.

We are currently running an online survey to collect basic information. The questionnaire can be accessed at  and it takes 7-8 minutes to be completed.


Thanking you for your assistance


Kind regards


Dr Harris Neeliah


Manager - Research and Consultancy

Human Resource Development Council

4th Floor, NG Tower

Cybercity, Ebene



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