Jan 29, 2014

Educational Tour in Rodrigues - January 2014.

Contributor: Mr Keshwar Lobin
A group of 12 students from the BSc Agriculture with spp in Land and Water management visited Rodrigues for an educational tour, from January 2014 to 19 January.2014.

They attended a workshop on Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture for Technical staff of the Commission of Agriculture by Dr B Lalljee and Dr S. Facknath, both of the Agriculture and Food Science department of the Faculty of Agriculture.

They had the opportunity to familiarise with sustainable land management techniques, Agroforestry, terracing and the crops grown, rain water harvesting technologies, Mr. Vagish Ramborun also interviewed some farmers on impact of climate change in Rodrigues, as part of his dissertation. They also visited Rivere Banane where vegetables are mostly grown in the valleys and discovered how solar energy is being used to man the irrigation system. They completed their visit by a tour of the Port Mathurin Bazaar and the Miel La Caz.
It was an enriching experience for having discovered a new facet of agriculture and it will surely help all to have a more holistic view of sustainable agriculture.


K.Boodhoo said...

Congratulations to all. And I am sure you made the most of it. It will help you to have a more balanced view of sustainability of agriculture at small holder level.

Shane Hardowar said...

As per feedback, Students have really enjoyed their stay and trip on this educational tour. I would appreciate if they could leave their impressions of Rodrigues agriculture and any good take-home message.
Congrats to Prof Lalljee and Prof Facknath.

Sarvesh Keshwar lobin said...

It was really a memorable Educational Tour, We learnt all the theory things in practical and this will really help us during end of exam and also in the future- in our career life. Thanks to Dr B Lalljee and Dr S. Facknath and also two Lab Technician Miss Fadeela and Madame Devina for their support and help during these 5 days.