Feb 5, 2014

Fulbright Scholar from Brigham Young University (BYU) at the Faculty

Dr. Frost Steele comes as a Fulbright Scholar from Brigham Young University (BYU) a private university in Utah, USA. At Brigham Young, Dr. Steele is an Associate Professor in Food Science with expertise and research interest in the areas of Food Microbiology, Food Safety and Food Preservation via solar dehydration. While at BYU Dr. Steele has been involved in working with local food processors in foodborne pathogen detection and routine microbiological analysis. He hopes to be able to initiate good food industry connections here in Mauritius as well and work with them in local food safety issues.

Dr. Steele received his PhD in Food Microbiology /Food Science from Purdue University. Much of his research has been directed toward the design and development of solar dryers that can be used in tropical and semi tropical regions of the world. Much of his work has been done in the Pacific Islands and in Malawi and Kenya. 

  He is excited about the opportunity of implementing solar drying technology here in Mauritius. Professor Steele is joined here in Mauritius by his wife Marie and their youngest son, Tanner (16). They have enjoyed the friendly Mauritian welcome and are excited to learn as much as possible about this wonderful culture and people. They are living in Tamarin
 We wish him and his family a fruitful stay in Mauritius.

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