Mar 20, 2014

Assessment of the Basic Veterinary Services in Mauritius.

The Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security would carry out a study on the Evaluation of Basic Veterinary Care in Mauritius. Under the Reinforcing Veterinary Governance in Africa Programme, a Livestock Policy Hub has been set up at the Ministry aiming at strengthening the institutions providing livestock services. The main object of the study would be to assess the effectiveness of the veterinary services provided to small breeders. The study would also consider the possibility of entrusting veterinary care services to the small breeders to private veterinarians.

There is a need to review and to restructure the veterinary services for various reasons be it at national, regional and international levels as movement and handling of animals either local or transboundary is of high priority so as to minimise the threat to livestock and other animals. 
This statement was made by the Minister of Agro Industry and Food Security, Mr S. Faugoo, GOSK, at the launching of the pilot project on Evaluation of Basic Veterinary Care under the Reinforcing Veterinary Governance in Africa (VET-GOV) Programme.

Minister Faugoo pointed out that out of 43 projects submitted to the African Union – InterAfrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) only eight were retained and Mauritius is one among them. He added that the project will be funded by the African Union and the European Union to the tune of some eighty thousand Euros and that AU-IBAR is in charge of the overall coordination of the project and implementation of most activities.

The strategic goal of the VET-GOV program is to bring about institution strengthening of livestock services towards the establishment of adequate livestock services at the national level and strengthen regional institutions to play their roles of coordination, harmonisation, integration and support to countries with the aim to stimulate a more conducive environment for public and private investments in the livestock sector.

The VET-GOV program is being implemented in partnership with the Regional Economic Communities, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Animal Health Organisation.

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