Jun 9, 2014

World Ocean Day 2014

2014 Theme: Together, we have the power to protect the oceans

“We have to ensure that oceans continue to meet our needs without compromising those of future generations. They regulate the planet’s climate and are a significant source of nutrition. Their surface provides essential passage for global trade, while their depths hold current and future solutions to humanity’s energy needs.”
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Message from the  President  of the agricultural society
Keshwar Lobin (In black polo shirt)

We took an action for protecting our ocean leading to a healthier planet and encouraging sustainable living. "

The Mauritius Oceanography institute with the help of Agricultural Society  of the University of Mauritius, and the students from the Faculty of Agriculture participated for the beach clean-up and planting of native coastal plants at the public beach of Rivière des Galets (Ilot Sancho) on the 6th June 2014 as an activity to mark the World Ocean Day.

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