Oct 27, 2014

The 42nd Session of the Codex Committee on Food Labelling at the FAO, Rome Italy

Mrs B.Esha Aumjaud, academic staff at Department of Agricultural & Food Science
Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius, was at the FAO of the UN Headquarters in Rome, to represent Mauritius at the 42nd session of the Codex Meeting on Food Labelling, from 20th October 2014 to 24th October 2014.. She reported that the FAO HQ reflects Excellence, Respect, Values through Science, Art and Culture. The meeting was exemplary in terms of Chairmanship and Secretariat with 140 participating countries. The Chair had a colossal task, like the Colosseum! The set-up was similar to United Nations meetings. Mauritius did make a few interventions to voice out our position and proposal with respect to issues raised during the meeting. And above all it was a challenging and meaningful experience for her.

Contributor Mrs Esha Aumjaud

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