Nov 19, 2014

Launching of the Sustainable Agricultural Organisation

Sustainable Agricultural Organisation

The Sustainable Agricultural Organisation (SAO) is an NGO that was registered on the 16th of October 2014, when the World Food Day was celebrated. SAO was, founded by students of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius. The seed for this idea was planted by our President, Mr. Vagish Ramborun, who graduated with a BSc( Hons) Agriculture in 2014. He was supported by the Vice President Mr. Keshwar Lobin, Asst .Secretary-Ms. Seechurn Anusha and Asst. Treasurer-Ms. Theeroovengadum Sadiana Nivershee (see pic above)
Currently, there are 15 people holding the SAO, namely Ms. Goundan Anushka, Mrs. Jhunputh Varuna, Ms. Seerputh Soobhashinee, Ms.Poonoosamy Vijaya, Mr.Aadarsh Ramdinee, Mr. Jean Dionovan Polimon, Ms. Danitza Latour, Ms. Sivani Ramdewor,Ms. Bocus Narvada and Mr. Mohnish Seewoonarain. SAO are advised by Professor S Facknath, Professor in Sustainable Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Ms Anishah Aujayeb, Curator of the Port Louis Hub, Mr. Shane Hardowar and Mrs. Badroonesha Aumjaud.
The Sustainable Agricultural Organisation believes that the key for a sustainable and peaceful world lies in the hands of the youth community. It is the good vision of the young people that will help in the construction of a better world where human beings will have more respect for the nature and learn to live in harmony with it. Educating the young people about the importance of agriculture and the impact of climate change and sustainable Agriculture during their early initiation will help them develop an interest in agriculture and farming
This interest in farming will further encourage them to invest their time in agriculture. Therefore this will lead to the emergence of a new generation of sustainable farmers who practice sustainable agriculture to earn their living. The problem of food security can then be solved as more people will take interest in agriculture.
Our Mission: Promote the acceptance and adoption of Sustainable Agriculture among the young generation for meeting the challenge of sustainable and climate –resilient food security.
Aims and Objectives: The aim of the project is to ensure that the youth and persons with disabilities become familiar with the principles and practices of Sustainable Agriculture, and adopt them.
Events Organised:
·        Painting competition by Association des Parents de Déficients Auditifs (APDA) school students
·        Helping the NGO Lupus-alert in its annual fund raising
Upcoming Events:
·        Project Smart Agriculture in collaboration with AIESEC UTM
·        Establishment of a Sustainable garden At APDA  
·        Project ANFEN: Raising awareness on agriculture to vulnerable young people who are confronted to social problems
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