Dec 29, 2014

Call for HAAGRIM scholarship - An Opportunity not to be missed!!!!!!!

Students currently following a Masters course at FoA and currently registered MPhil/PhD students can also benefit from this opportunity if relevant to their field of study.

Kindly note that students currently registered for a Masters course at UoM or an MPhil/PhD in a field related to management, marketing, entrepreneurship, business management are also encouraged to apply.

Periods abroad for Masters students: 6 months (follow modules in a Masters course in the partner university) and can include an industry placement upon request.

Students can also opt follow a Masters programme in a partner university for 12 months and mobility should start at most in September 2015 or before.

Periods abroad for PhD students: up to 18 months but mobility should start at most in April 2015 or before.

More information on the Masters courses ( offered in the participating universities as well as contact persons for possible co-supervision for PhD students can be found on the HAAGRIM website:

The application is made online and deadline is 15th January 2015.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Dr Brinda Ramasawmy

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