Jun 20, 2016

Faculty of Agriculture at the Tedx Event May 2016

Contributor Dr H.Neetoo

 TED Talk

Friday 21 May 2016 at 5:00pm, a series of talks was oragnised by TEDx Talk, under the theme “Food for Thought” at the Trianon Convention Centre. The nine speakers are influential models from various walks of life- artists, scientists and academicians.Two staff from the Faculty of Agriculture gave 2 inspring talks at the event, Dr H.Neetoo, academic staff and Mr V.Ramborun, an MPhil/PhD student.

Mr Ramborun discussed why the agricultural sector is facing youth unemployment.
22,000 unemployed youth in Mauritius. Only 10% of farmers are youth. Who will grow our food in the future. Why not earn a living with roof top farming and coriander.

Dr Neetoo explained how use of high pressure processing can preserve the quality of seafood products. Seafood - when you see it what do you think - irresistible, mouthwatering, gourmet? Or Perishable? High pressure processing, a technique for seafood shelf life extension which keeps the texture, taste and colour. Below are the two videos of their presentations.

Dr H.Neetoo presentation

Mr V. Ramborun Presentation

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