Aug 28, 2016

Vice Chancellor's African Studies Seminar Series

The University of Mauritius launched the Vice Chancellor's African Studies Seminar Series and the SSR Chair of African Studies on the 27th of May and the University is glad to report that the whole event/ceremony/public lecture went very well. This double launch came a few months after the appointment of Professor Sheila Bunwaree as the first SSR Chair of African ​Studies at U​o​M.

The setting up of this Chair is a strategic decision of the University of Mauritius, with the view of using the African Studies platform to develop and consolidate our relationship with the African continent, contribute to the government's Mauritius- Africa strategy through debates and research as well as project the University of Mauritius more effectively as a knowledge hub and a ​C​entre of Excellence in the region. As a follow up to a very successful launch, the University is about to start with the actual Vice Chancellor's African Studies Seminar Series (which is open to the public) The first talk took place on the 17 June 2016.

We are inviting each and every one of you to attend and participate in this Seminar Series- a first at the university of Mauritius! Your role will be instrumental in promoting a culture of 'interdisciplinary' debate so vital for contemporary development and speaks directly to the University's strategic vision.

You may also be glad to know that the University is planning to introduce a foundational/compulsory module in 'African studies',​ across ​F​aculties and we are expecting that some of you will be involved in a more direct manner. Another major event that the SSR chair of African studies is planning to host at the University is a major international conference sometime next year from which we hope to get some of the best papers published.

We count on your presence and your participation at the forthcoming seminars.

We look forward to seeing you for the talks.

​Kind Regards Professor (Mrs) R MOHEE, C.S.K Vice-Chancellor

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