Sep 6, 2016

Guest Lecture by Alumnus Ms D Seetahul

A guest lecture organized by Mr Shane Hardowar in the conference room, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius. It was delivered by Ms Deemeeta Seetahul, Quality Assurance Champion of Long Beach Hotel and alumna of FoA, UOM and University of Greenwich, UK.

The topic covered was Quality Assurance in the food industry and food safety management for the module Agricultural Enterprises.

It was an opportunity for students of the MSc Agribusiness Management under the HAAGRIM programme as well as undergraduate students of BSc (Hons) Agriscience and Technology (minor Agribusiness Management) to be enriched with latest updates in the food industry. There was a very good interaction between students and the guest lecture.

Contributor: Mr Shane Hardowar, Academic staff of the Faculty of Agriculture


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