Oct 18, 2016

Bio Farming in Mauritius - Zero Budget Natural Farming

My earnest wish is that we move forward more resolutely to attain our objective to produce 50% of our vegetables and fruits through Bio-Mix farming in the coming years".
The Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, made this statement at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka on September 05 at the launching ceremony of a four-day conference on Zero Budget Natural Farming.
In his address the Prime Minister recalled that it is important to remind everybody that the nation owes a lot to the planting community and it is our duty to duly acknowledge their contribution as it constitutes the foundation on which our economy has been built over the years.
Sir Anerood Jugnauth pointed out that one of the key measures outlined in the Government programme 2015-2019 with regard to agriculture refers to the promotion of natural farming and organic production in Mauritius. He said that Bio-farming will be one of the key priority sectors under the new SME scheme. The introduction of a 'Bio Farming Development Certificate' and a package of incentives among which an 8-year tax holiday and exemption from various taxes and duties on importation of bio food inputs are also enunciated in the Budget speech.
With regard to Zero Budget Natural Farming, the Prime Minister said that it is definitely one of those innovative agricultural production recipes that finds its origin in the past. It is an agricultural technology that has got a solid science base and has already millions of followers in India.
In addition to being a key element to sustainable agricultural production and a scientific step towards reducing chemical inputs in farming, Zero Budget Natural Farming addresses our sustainability concerns and reminds us that the solutions to the human-made threats facing nature reside in nature itself, said Sir Anerood.
Zero Budget Natural Farming
Zero Budget Natural Farming was developed by Dr Subhash Palekar, an Indian Natural Scientist. It is an integrated production system that works in harmony with nature by sustaining soil health and agro-ecosystem and which relies solely on locally available inputs of organic origin such as cow dung and cow urine.
The adoption of the Zero Budget Natural Farming techniques will encourage local planters to produce high quality and nutritious food, free of harmful chemicals and reduce risk of environmental damage associated with heavy reliance on agrochemicals.
It will be beneficial to agriculture with high quality and safe food that is sold at premium prices, but its benefits to human health are significant. Zero Budget Natural Farming can, indeed be an answer to many diseases that are affecting the population, such as cancer and cardio-vascular complications.

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