Nov 2, 2016


Our students received their diplomas/degrees/MPhil/PhD certificates at the Graduation Ceremony of 24 October 2016. This year there were 3 cohorts of studenst in the following programme of studies: BSc (Hons) Microbiology, BSc(Hons) AgricScience and Technology and BSc(Hons)AgricScience and Technoloy (minor AgriBusiness Management). 2 students received their PhDs and one an MPhil. 
It was a big milestone in their and their families' lives, and many academics staff were there to share in the celebration of their success. Having being an integral part of their development, we were proud to see them processing in the ceremony to receive their certificates. This is also our success as a Faculty. We have always strived to dedicate ourselves to our students on one hand, and to our Faculty on the other.

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