Dec 22, 2016

SUSTAINABLE FOOD CHALLENGERS - An NGO set up by Alumni of the Faculty of Agriculture

Sustainable Food Challengers team members

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Their Mission
Sustainable Food Challengers is a group of young dynamic and self-motivated youngsters aged between 22 to 25 years who aim at providing new sustainable solutions to meet the food security challenge. Each one in the group has their own expertise in the agricultural field. We are working together to revolutionise agriculture and set a new lifestyle to achieve global food security by maximising space use to cultivate crops through vertical farming using sustainable and renewable methods. The team also advocate the reduction of carbon dioxide emission and climate change.

Sustainable Food Challengers team members are: Miss Jayshikha, Miss Anusha, Miss Naabilah and Mr Youdiesh. Some are fresh graduates while others have already started their career. The team members are deeply concerned about the amplifying facts that billions of people go to bed without food. we take the challenge of providing sustainable methods to feed 9 billion of people by 2050. Due to multiple factors: drought, loss of natural resources, industrialisation, flood, land erosion, and climate change conventional agriculture has been affected. So, we came up with new innovative ways to produce food using available renewable resources and less land which will be adaptable to the future. Keeping in mind all the limiting factors we came up with a new concept of green buildings. We are determined to take up the challenge and make use of our knowledge, skills and expertise to positively impact human lives. Each human being having access to safe and nutritious food at any time will become a reality soon. To most people agriculture can merely be getting dirty in the soil but for us it is a potential to feed billions of mouths. Together we can fight hunger and go for a greener and healthy world!

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