Nov 16, 2017


I am pleased to inform you that as part of the HAAGRIM project, the Faculty will once more host scholars (from different universities in Africa), during the period 16 November - 22 December 2017. This will be a privileged time for staff and students of the Faculty to interact with the scholars, and benefit from an exchange of experiences. As you are aware, within the context of the UoM Strategic Plan, 'Internationalisation of its activities' is one strategic objective of our university. 

Through the HAAGRIM project, the Faculty has integrated an international/intercultural dimension into our teaching, research and service functions. You will recall the recent visits of Sophie Diallo (Universite Gaston Berger; Senegal), and Philippe Jacques Gbedjegloaho (Universite de Abomey-Calavi; Benin), and their valued inputs to our Faculty, and the running of the International MSc programme: MSc Agribusiness Management (with 7 students from different African countries).

Dr Brinda Ramasawmy (Local Coordinator for HAAGRIM) has already prepared a plan of work for each scholar. Please find in attachment the names of scholars, and the purpose of their stay at the Faculty. 

I take this opportunity to extend our thanks to Brinda, Kamlesh and the administrative staff for all the work and effort in preparing the visit of the scholars.

Dr Driver 

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