Jun 26, 2018

Visit by Ms Elvina Smith, Lecturer from CUT, South Africa

"Ms Elvina Smith, Lecturer, Central University of Technology (CUT), Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa, was at the Faculty of Agriculture, from the 18th June 2018 to 25th June 2018, in the context of her PhD study on entrepreneurship education in the field of environmental health, food hygiene and safety. During her visit, Ms Elvina Smith interviewed academics and students of the Faculty of Agriculture. She also had the opportunity to meet the Senior Management of the University of Mauritius, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and key informants from external organisations in the public and private sectors. Ms Elvina Smith delivered a very "enterprising" presentation entitled "Higher Education: South Africa, Sweden and Mauritius, a road towards entrepreneurship", on Monday 25 June 2018 at the Faculty of Agriculture. The aim of her research is to learn from entrepreneurship education in South Africa, Sweden and Mauritius to develop an alternate syllabus in food safety to contribute to improved job skills and innovative ways to address unemployment."

Contributor: Mrs Esha Aumjaud, Faculty of Agriculture

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