Jul 2, 2019

Transformation of Belle Mare into a Climate-Smart Agriculture village for climate resilience, food security, and poverty alleviation of its farmers”

Climate Change is a global challenge, but its impact are affecting developing countries the most. Smallholder agricultural and food producers are being particularly affected, directly as well as indirectly. It is therefore essential to increase their resilience, and ability to adapt, to the changing climate.

The overall aim of this farmer-participative project, funded by the Eurpoean Union under its GCCA+ Flagship Initiative "Supporting CSA for smallholders in the Republic of Mauritius, is to provide support to smallholders in the region of Belle Mare in order to help them transform their present dya conventional agriculture into CSA, namely one that provides them with a sustainable livelihood, contributes to national food security, is productive and climate resilient, while being environment-friendly, and producing lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

At the ceremony, field equipment and vehicle will be handed over to planters of the Belle Mare region.

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