Oct 19, 2021

The SmartBite project of the Faculty of Agriculture - A new and healthy product for Breakfast

The Prime Minister Hon. P. Jugnauth, visited the booth of the Faculty of Agriculture showcasing the Smart Bite project, led by Assoc Prof D. Puchooa, Dean of the Faculty. 
The Maniodix and SmartBite  

A team of researchers ( Dr B. Ramasawmy and Dr H. Neetoo)  from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius formulated a healthy snack bar made from pulses and other low-cost natural ingredients as a healthier alternative to currently available energy dense snack bars. 

Dr Neetoo and Dr Ramasawmy presented the project 
at the UoM Innovation 2021 week


In addition to having a higher protein and fibre content compared to commercially available counterparts, the SmartBite snack bar is also considerably lower in fat. The product was developed to respond to all consumer segments requirements including vegetarians and vegans. Various savoury and sweet flavours of the snack bar prototype were subsequently developed by the team. 

Sensory trials carried out with consumers provided a positive feedback both on the palatability of the prototype and its acceptability as a healthy snack. After optimising the formulation, the prototype was subjected to a series of laboratory tests to ascertain its nutritional profile, safety and shelf-life. The product has also been registered under the trademark of Smartbite. 


The Nutritional Composition 
The team is currently approaching various SMEs involved in cereal production for potential partnership for the commercial uptake and upscaling of the product. So far they have partnered with DCF Roots to produce and market the product under ManioDix SmartBite. Cassava is also an important ingredient of this product.

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