Dec 11, 2021

A team of Researchers, at The Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius, develops a pectin based edible coating for furits and vegetables

A team at the The Faculty of Agriculture has developed a pectin- based edible coating (EcoPEC Food Freshness Retainers TM) for commercial application on locally grown fruits and vegetables to extend their shelf-life and retain freshness for food wastage reduction in the Republic of Mauritius.



The interdisciplinary research team and collaborators are:

Dr Brinda Ramasawmy (Principal Investigator)
Dr Deena Ramful-Baboolall
Dr Hudaa Neetoo
Prof Naushad Emmambux -International collaborator from University of Pretoria
Dr Carene Picot-Allain (Research Assistant) 

                                                                                   Ms Liza Cloete (MPhil-PhD student)
                                                                         Assoc Prof Haree Ramasawmy Faculty of Engineering
                                           Collaboration with Commission for Agriculture under RRA, Rodrigues



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