Nov 28, 2023

Celebrating 170 Years of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture

The Head of Department of Agricultural Production and Systems, of  the Faculty of Agriculture, Mr K.Boodhoo, attended  the 170th anniversary of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture. It was an occasion to reflect on the pivotal role this institution has played in the agricultural landscape of Mauritius.

The event was a vibrant confluence of the past and the present, symbolizing the enduring legacy of an organization that has been instrumental in shaping the agricultural sector of Mauritius. Founded on November 16, 1853, by three hundred representatives of the local agricultural community, the Chamber initially emerged as an Agricultural Society. Officially becoming the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture in 1893, it has since evolved into the oldest private sector institution representing the Mauritian agricultural community.

The Chamber's primary objective, "to seek by all legitimate means to promote the welfare and progress of agriculture," resonates profoundly with the challenges and opportunities in the agricultural sector, especially during its formative years when the sugar industry was burgeoning. It has played a critical role in the development of the local sugar sector, and more broadly, in the advancement of agriculture in Mauritius, encompassing areas like agronomy, research, technology, training, and commerce.

Celebrating this milestone, the HoD said that he was enthralled to meet a diverse array of producers, each with their unique contributions to Mauritian agriculture. It was particularly heartening to see our alumni from the University of Mauritius, now integral members of the Chamber, showcasing their achievements and continuing their passionate engagement with the agricultural sector.

Internationally, the Chamber has been a key player in establishing vital trade agreements, such as the Sugar Protocol, SPS, SADC Trade Protocol, and COMESA Agreement, thereby safeguarding and promoting Mauritius's agricultural interests on the global stage. Nationally, it has maintained a structured dialogue with the government and various institutions, ensuring the development and implementation of agricultural policies.

The event was not just a celebration of the past but it highlighted the Chamber's role in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future for Mauritian agriculture. He said that The exhibits and interactions with the various stakeholders, has shown the spirit of innovation and dedication to agricultural excellence by the chamber.

In conclusion, his attendance at the 170th anniversary of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture was an enriching experience, as the HoD mentioned it provided valuable insights into the evolution of the agricultural sector in Mauritius and the critical role played by the Chamber. It was a reaffirmation of the Chamber's commitment to the welfare and progress of agriculture in Mauritius, a mission that continues to inspire and guide the sector towards a sustainable future.

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