Oct 10, 2010

Climate Change- Global Work Party.

The 350.org campaign is named for the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that scientists say is the safe limit for humanity and it aims to spearhead international actions to fight climate change. The 350.org network organized s having a “ work party” all day today (10/10/10). The aim is to get people doing the small things —  planting trees,  installing solar water heaters,  fixing drafty buildings, calling elected officials — that can provide the foundation for a long-term shift in habits and plans related to  limiting human-driven global warming. In Mauritius the Global Work Party , Tree Planting , was launched at Forest Side SSS and the Mon Desert Mon Tresor primary school on Friday 8 Oct 2010. On 10/10/10, there will be over 7,000 similar climate action events taking place in in 188 countries around the world as part of “The Global Work Party.” This synchronized international event is organized by 350.org, and is expected to be the largest day of climate action in history.

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