Oct 7, 2010

Meeting with Stakeholders - Training Needs Assessment & Curriculum Development in the Agriculture and Food Sectors

The Faculty of Agriculture has for years trained students in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, food science and technology, biotechnology, forestry, aquaculture and related fields.  The Faculty develops its curriculum based on national and regional goals, policies and needs and offers programmes of studies at certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate levels.
  The Faculty reacts to changes in the different fields and redesigns its curriculum based on needs.  However, to be able to assess what such needs are, it is necessary to make surveys, to reach out to stakeholders to find out what they would want and to try to match such needs as close as possible at the level of the faculty.  The aim is also to ensure the employability of graduates, optimisation of resources, greater relevance of programmes and conformity with international standards.

In this context, The Faculty of Agriculture is holding a meeting with various stakeholders on  Friday 8 Oct 2010 to assess their training needs and receive feedback on our curriculum in the agriculture and food sectors.


Nawsheen said...

It's a very nice this Training Needs Assessment. Has it been done before also??

Sunghoon Kreepalloo said...

I think it's a good initiative to call stakeholders for consultations and discussions.We have been raising the issue on various forums that Tertiary curriculum be developed with an eye on the needs of the market.Would you please let us know if ever you have such meetings in the future.Thks

K.Boodhoo said...

Dear Nawsheen
There are several ways through which the Faculty captures these information; conducting tracer studies, meeting with stakeholders, peer to peer contact, Faculty advisory committee and External Examiners reports. The aim is also to ensure greater relevance of programmes and conformity with international standards. All these information are used to develop pragmatic programme of studies.

In 2008, a second graduate tracer study covering the period 2003-2007 was undertaken. We also had a stakeholders meeting in 2006 (?? need to check exact year)In 2010, a study was carried out to assess the ‘Training Needs Assessment & Curriculum Development in the Agriculture & Food Sectors’.